Aluminium Barrier Laminated Tubes

We are offering aluminum barrier laminated tubes in various shapes, sizes and diameter and these tubes can be customized also according to client’s specifications. These laminated tubes are always checked for quality at various parameters in production.

We are at Life Phama also offering customized laminated to our clients according to their specifications. We are the leading aluminum barrier laminated tubes manufacturers and exporters provide widest range of ABL tubes at very attractive prices.

These tubes are made of laminated and aluminum foil barrier to provide the great barrier properties. It provides amazing tactile and visual feel and traditional metal tubes.

Why Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tubes?

The aluminum barrier laminated tubes provide great collapsible effect that is needed when it comes to look for precise dispensing of product. These days, ABL tubes are used also for toothpaste applications and they are used widely for food, cosmetics, household, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

These tubs have great aluminum foil barrier to provide excellent air, light, and moisture control with lowered flavor absorption. The density of material ensures more durability and provides extra dispensing of the contents of these products.

Ointments, pastes, gels and creams which usually dentifrice and pharmaceutical and store-bought products are packed in ABL tubes.

Aluminium Barrier Laminated Tubes

The aluminum barrier laminated tubes are used widely for packaging toothpastes all over the world. The aluminum barrier laminated tubes manufacturers provide economic solution with quality printing in a protective and proven collapsible tube.

These tubes can hold aggressive products like essential oils, liniment creams, adhesives and antiseptics. These tubes also come with TESS (Temper Evident Safety Seal) which secure the orifice of tube against exposure before being used by the consumer. An ABL Tube is known to be the proven solution for protective packaging.

Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tubes – Areas of Operation

  • Food Industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Technical and chemical products
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tubes – Technical Properties

    • Aluminum barrier layer covering ABL film from outside to inside direction
    • Aluminum foil, co-polymer, polyethylene 2-layer
    • Matte and glossy finish
    • Colored printing in around 6 colors with varnish
    • Cold and hot stamping – Silver, gold, color
    • TESS – Temper Evident Safety Seal
    • ABL can be grey, white, and with holographic effect
    • Tubes are wrapped in Top Cap Carton
    • Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tubes – Common Uses in Industries


      We produce ABL tubes for cosmetics industry that are best suited for packaging of conditioners, shampoos, UV sunscreens, and skin cream. With different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can ensure barrier protection and customize your tubes according to your marketing requirements.


      We have huge range of ABL tube options for pharmaceutical industries which ensure proper barrier of moisture, light, fats, oils, microorganisms, and volatile chemicals. Aluminum barrier laminated tubes manufacturers and exporters offer wide range of tubes for effective barrier against moisture, light, fats, oils, microorganisms, and volatile compounds.

      Our ABL tubes are the best choice for pharmaceutical industries as they can hold antiseptics and creams. We provide excellent packaging options with Tamper-Proof safety seal.