Aluminium Collapsible Laminated Tubes

Our aluminum collapsible laminated tubes are the best choice for pharmaceutical industries regarding packaging of products. There are several benefits of using aluminum collapsible lami Tubes over plastic laminated tubes. They are really very comfortable and lightweight to use.

Life Pharmachem is a trusted name for packaging of products in collapsible aluminum tubes because of consistency and high strength. Our aluminum tubes are manufactured with 97% pure slugs of aluminum.

We are offering collapsible aluminum tubes in various sizes. They allow dispensing of controlled amounts with ease without any SUCK BACK property.

Aluminum Collapsible Lami Tubes – Areas of Use

All our aluminum collapsible laminated tubes are DMF registered and made with premium quality raw materials. Our laminated tubes are initially blank tubes with R&D batches. Then they are printed properly in high resolution graphics and colors for commercial purposes.

Areas of Use
  • Adhesive Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals – Ointments, creams, gels etc.
  • Cosmetics & Toiletry – Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, Hair Color, Cosmetics etc.
  • Household items – Shoe Polishers, Creams, Mosquito repellents etc.
  • Food Industry
Aluminium Collapsible Laminated Tubes

Our products are known to be the first choice of suppliers and manufacturers of products which contain compounds and chemical which should be safe until completely used.

So, we produce finest quality aluminum collapsible lami tubes which are used for packaging of creams oils, adhesives, ointments, mosquito repellents, hair colors, cosmetics, and shoe polish.

Aluminum Collapsible Laminated tubes – Key Features

We manufacture tamper evident aluminum collapsible laminated tubes which cannot be adulterated or refilled in any way. These products are also made of non-toxic materials to keep the contents safe against contamination from outside elements.

These products are surprisingly lightweight and they are easy to transport and store. These tubes have got glossy finish and they are soft and smooth to be used by the end customers.

We utilize imported Swiss machinery to manufacture these aluminum collapsible tubes under hygienic and safe conditions. We ensure avoiding the defects of end products by performing quality checks in different production stages.

Features in Brief
  • Contents remain protected against air, dirt, and moisture
  • Tamper proof
  • Lightweight to be carried and stored with ease
  • Totally collapsible
  • Made with non-toxic raw materials
  • Very economical
  • Comes in various diameters and lengths

Benefits of Aluminum Collapsible Lami Tubes

We have years of experience in manufacturing and supplying top quality aluminum collapsible lami tubes. These tubes have great demand in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries across the world.

Benefits in brief
  • Hygienic & Non Toxic – Our tubes are hygienic, non-toxic, non-absorbent, and don’t react to flavor, taste, color, and fragrance of contents inside
  • Damage proof – cannot be reused, adulterated and refilled
  • Protected – Barrier properties protect the contents against contamination
  • Easy to use – These tubes are lightweight and easy to transport and handle to reduce product cost.

These tubes are very efficient and manufactured by highly skilled professionals according to the industrial standards and norms. Our products are very reliable and pass through several quality checks before entering in the market.