Antiseptic Cream Laminated Tubes

Antiseptic creams have been enjoying great popularity among the users nowadays. They deserve to be the first staple in your first-aid kit. These products are used widely in case of burns, cuts, and other wounds.

As the name suggests, these creams are antiseptic in nature and heal the wounds instantly. There are several manufacturers of antiseptic creams. Most of the leading brands rely on Life Pharmachem for antiseptic cream laminated tubes that are used for packaging of these products.

Life Pharmachem has been evolved as the supplier and manufacturers of top quality antiseptic cream lami tubes to be used in healthcare industry.

Antiseptic Cream Lami Tubes – Features

We produce the antiseptic cream laminated tubes that are safe and best suited to store the antiseptic products. It is because we use only high quality raw materials from several leading and reliable vendors.

In the manufacturing process, we take extra care to ensure that these laminated tubes remain safe and hygienic to safely store these products for years or until they are used completely.

We are offering both plastic and aluminum barriers according to the exact specifications of our clients. We add the barrier that can ensure protection of antiseptic cream against contamination from moisture, air, and ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Antiseptic Cream Laminated Tubes

Our antiseptic cream lami tubes are checked strictly for quality at various production stages to meet the clients’ needs.

  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Protects against air, oxygen, and UV contamination
  • Convenient choice for end users
  • Sufficient tensile strength
  • Available as both stand up tube and round tube
  • Available in different diameters and shapes
  • Appealing

Types of Antiseptic Cream Laminated Tubes


These tubes are available with tamper-proof options and features and they come in different types, cap choices and resins. You can easily look for customized tube design that is made for customers with printing in six different colors and tube sizes ranging from 0.5 inch diameter. These tubes are 100% reusable and recyclable. So, these tubes are very eco-friendly.

Polymer & Plastic Lami Tubes

These tubes use high quality polymer and aluminum look and feel just like plastic with minimum seams. The flat sheets are made by the leading manufacturers.

We conduct printing and finishing in top quality printing presses. Then, these sheets are feed in automated machines to craft the tubes and seal them according to the exact needs of customers. These pharmaceutical tubes have got the look and feel of plastic and quality of aluminum.

These aluminum and laminated tubes have been used widely in all the daily applications of pharmaceutical industries. These tubes are used in different kinds of packing to store ointments, creams, gels, lotions and cosmetics.

Life Pharmachem is the authorized manufacturers and suppliers of Antiseptic Cream Laminated Tubes across USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria. All the laminated tubes manufactured by us are quality approved and made with top safety standards in packaging industry, in compliance to 21 CFR 175.300 and USP 661 standards.