Cosmetic Laminated Tubes

For the packaging of cosmetic products, the cosmetic laminated tubes are the best choice. They all are the most popular and well known products for ladies. The arrival of these laminated tubes in the cosmetic industry has led to a great revolution in the sale of cosmetic products.

We are the leading cosmetic lami tubes manufacturers who have helped several cosmetic companies to establish their business by offering best quality laminated tubes. The cosmetic laminated tubes are known to be easy and comfortable to use which have been loved by the end users.

Life Pharmachem is the leading and respectable name in the world of laminated tubes and the tubes have been enjoying great demand among the cosmetic manufacturers.

Uses of Cosmetic Lami Tubes

Every cosmetic manufacturer always looks for cosmetic laminated tubes that are soft in feel and touch. They also require great finish in the product as they are aimed to create lasting impression on the minds of customers.

Cosmetic lami tubes manufacturers are known to exceed the expectations of clients and follow the specifications and guidelines of the clients to provide the cosmetic lami tubes which are perfect for use.

We strive to provide the laminated tubes that are not just attractive but also very functional. Our laminated tubes are leak proof and thermal resistant to avoid accidental spill of its contents. It provides easy squeeze action to ensure providing the safety to the contents according to their needs.

Cosmetic Laminated Tubes

Cosmetic Laminated Tubes – Key Features

  • Contents remain safe for years
  • Easy to use and store
  • Easy to remove cap
  • Comes in different shapes
  • Barrier layer to avoid contamination of products
  • Very durable material
  • Comes in different shapes
  • Glossy and soft finish

Laminate Packaging Process

Initially, laminated tubes are flat web stock made by the top suppliers in the world. It is printed according to your actual specifications on the high quality rotogravure tool or letterpress. The printed web actually comes in tubular shape, cut to the specific length to form a sleeve.

Then, it is headed and joined with a molded shoulder. To ensure proper protection of the product, we can add a sealed, temper-proof neck membrane.

Finally, the tube is inspected, capped, and packed. It is completely an integrated system and the whole package is assembled in line.

Materials Used

All Plastic Laminates (APL)
  • Provides feel of Plastic Mono Layer tube
  • Chemical-resistant barrier
  • Retains form and shape
  • Transparent and opaque
  • Tube looks more pleasing cosmetically with EVOH layer and it maintains barrier properties as well.
Foil Laminates
  • Lower aroma absorption
  • Comes in white, silver and custom color
  • Provides air, light, and moisture protection
  • Plastic look and feel with aluminum properties

Laminate tube combines the benefit of aluminum tube properties with the feel and look of plastic. The new generation of these tubes has latest technology to provide tube with most minimal and aesthetic seam, and maximum space for brand decoration and graphics.