Golecha Henna Mehandi Laminated Tubes

Golecha Henna is a leading name across the world. It is herbal Mehandi product which is used widely to create unique colorful designs on hands, legs and various parts of the body.

Life Pharmachem is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Golecha Henna Mehandi Laminated tubes which are loved by women worldwide. We understand why we should manufacture premium quality Golecha Henna mehandi Lami Tubes for this herbal henna.

These tubes are designed with top quality raw materials to lock the freshness and aroma of Henna paste inside.

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying the top quality Henna paste laminated tubes to our clients. This paste is processed with organic pine oil, henna leaves, clove oil, camphor oil and cutting-edge technology at our leading production unit.

We are offering 100% original Golecha henna Mehandi Lami tubes for the packaging of henna tubes to create henna tattoos that can last up to 6 months. This paste can release dark and deep color to the hair and skin.

Why Life Pharmachem for Golecha Henna Mehandi Lami Tubes?

Life Pharma has years of experience in manufacturing Golecha Henna Mehandi laminated tubes for different industries and henna manufacturers. We have large and modern manufacturing unit where we use advanced Swiss machines to manufacture Golecha Henna Mehandi Lami tubes in very safe and hygienic conditions.

Henna paste is applied to our skin directly. So, we ensure that the materials don’t react with henna to cause any harm to the user. Our laminated tubes have barrier layer which is made of either aluminum or EVOH to ensure that the henna paste is not affected by outside elements in any way. Henna paste remains fresh for a long period of time in our laminated tubes.

Golecha Henna Mehandi Laminated Tubes

Golecha Henna Mehandi Lami Tube – Features

  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Barrier layers to avoid contamination outside and lock the freshness and aroma inside
  • Don’t leak or break when used
  • Henna paste remains safe for a longer period
  • Easy to carry and store
The Popularity of Golecha Henna Lami Tubes

Henna paste tubes are the quick and easy method to create attractive henna designs within 5-10 minutes on skin. These are also called as temporary henna tattoos. Since the paste has been mixed already, these tubes are easy to use and convenient.

Users don’t have to deal with hassles of mixing the paste from the henna powder and starting from scratch. Manufacturers are providing different varieties of ready mixed henna tubes and they claim to provide darker color than traditional powdered henna.

In order to protect the quality and formulation of these henna pastes, we provide high quality, industry grade, henna paste laminated tubes to protect the content against contaminants like UV rays, moisture, air etc. that can ruin its quality.

Life Pharma is one of the leading and trusted names in the world. We are providing wide range of laminated tubes to our clients according to their exact specifications. Our laminated tubes are made of high quality material that doesn’t react with its contents.