Hair Colour Laminated Tubes

Hair Color is known to be the widely used product by the people these days. Once used as hair dye, this product is now being marketed and sold in beautiful hair colour laminated tubes by the cosmetic companies that are very comfortable to hold and easy to use.

There are several hair colour lami tubes suppliers in the market, but Life Pharmachem is the first choice which has carved a unique niche for itself, especially hair colour laminated tubes. We have been supplying, manufacturing and exporting laminated tubes to the hair color companies all over the world.

Why to Choose Our Hair Colour Laminated Tubes?

At Life Pharmachem, the hair colour laminated tubes are not just cozy to use and hold by the users, they can also protect the contents inside the tube for a long period of time. This aspect of colour is very important for the manufacturers as it is about the safety of the end consumers.

Hair colors contain certain chemicals that may react with the tube. So, we use chemically stable and non-toxic raw materials to ensure that the contents in these tubes can remain intact and is not likely to change over time.

There is a special barrier layer which is made of plastic or aluminum in hair color laminated tubes which is the most preferred feature by hair color manufacturers. This barrier avoids contamination of contents by air, sunlight and moisture.

Hair Colour Laminated Tubes

Hair Color Lami Tube – Key Features

  • Very convenient to use and appealing
  • Cap is easy to replace
  • Free from leakage
  • Keeps content safel
  • Label applicator facility

We are well renowned as Hair Colour Lami Tubes suppliers exporting world-class cosmetic tubes. These tubes are wax coated internally and ensure safety of cosmetic or personal care product inside.

These tubes are very reliable and these tubes undergo various quality checks at several levels of production. These products can easily be customized according to the specifications. These tubes can be designed in various sizes, shapes, colors, pattern, and graphics to improve the product’s face value.

Specifications of Hair Color Laminated Tubes

Aluminum foil can be used to seal the top hole. The end of the tube can be sealed or opened as per the specific needs of the customers. If the cream is filled from the top hole, the end of the tube is sealed for the clients.

These tubes can come in different volumes, i.e. from 5gm to 200gm. You can adjust the volume by choosing length and diameter of the tube. All size requirements can be met as per the clients’ specifications.

Life Pharma has been emerged as one of the leading names in the industry engaged in supplying, manufacturing, and exporting huge range of hair color tubes in cosmetic industries. These tubes are known to be the safe choice for packaging of various cosmetic items.

The quality of these products remains intact for a long time period. We can offer tubes that can be customized in various colors, shapes, sizes, graphics and print quality.