Henna Paste Laminated Tubes

Henna is the most widely used and most popular product all around the country and it has been sold widely in the form of paste contained in Henna Paste Laminated tubes. Instead of artificial hair care products, it is better to use henna paste for shiny, healthy, long, and strong hairs.

It is natural henna also known as Mehandi produced from henna plant leaves. Henna plant is planted or found generally in the central India to produce skin care, natural hair care, and other products.

Henna can also be applied to hands, feet, head and other parts of the body. These are one of the widely acclaimed natural hair care products in the world since the ancient ages. It is still preferred by many people over the artificial hair conditioners, hair colors, and shampoos. Currently, these products are packed in henna paste lami tubes.

Why Natural Henna Packed in Henna Paste Lami Tubes?

These days, henna is packaged in henna paste laminated tubes so that it can be more comfortable to use for the users. A lot of henna exporters and manufacturers are placing orders for henna paste lami tubes manufactured by Life Pharmachem as we are producing top quality henna tubes.

We have years of experience and expertise in manufacturing laminated tubes. We are supplying and exporting world-class laminated tubes which are being used by the manufacturers to package their products in several industries across the world.

Henna Paste Laminated Tubes

It needs great care and attention in the production stages to manufacture henna paste laminated tubes for packing of these products. Henna is an herbal product which gives best results only when it is fresh.

To retain its freshness and aroma, we produce our henna paste lami tubes with industry-grade raw material which doesn’t react with its contents. These tubes are known to lock the freshness of henna paste and customers can easily check it by the aroma and appearance which always remain intact and safe for a long time period.

We use raw materials that are chemically inert by nature to achieve this. The freshness is also locked in various layers of laminates.

Henna Paste Laminated Tubes – Key Features

  • Easy to squeeze
  • Convenient to use and soft to hold
  • Flexible tubes that are easy to carry and store
  • Avoids leakage
  • Aroma and freshness remains intact for longer

We understand that henna naturally contains medicinal values. It has traditionally been used to cure head rashes and to cool down during hot summers. It is also considered to be healthy for blood pressures.

So, we manufacture henna paste laminated tubes to keep its freshness locked and its aromatic properties intact until it is fully used. We have in-house manufacturing unit to produce top quality laminated tubes with premium quality material that can provide barrier against UV Rays, moisture and oxygen.

These laminated tubes have been designed with attractive printing to add a unique aesthetic appeal that can help increase sale of these products and attract the end users as well.