Lami tube caps

Life Pharmachem is a sterling name as a Lami tube caps manufacturers and exporters of lami tube caps for various clients serving in industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, edible oils, and even more.

We utilize industry grade raw materials as we are linked with various certified vendors to ensure quality of the products. Our product ranges consist of plastic caps, Fez style caps, Fez top caps, special plastic caps, snap fit caps, and end protection caps. We are the leading name as lami tube caps exporters and suppliers in the industry.

Our lami tube caps are made with industry grade materials to ensure protection of the products inside the tube. We are the most preferred name as the lami tube caps suppliers.

We are offering lami tube caps for tubes used in different industries like food, cosmetics, hair care, pet food, and chemical sectors. We ensure that tubes should be closed with great security and provide protection until the product is finished.

Flexibility in Lami Tube Caps

According to the thread and diameter, our lami tube caps are manufactured in various designs to cater to your unique needs. Our tamper proof seals can also be used with most screw caps to ensure protection of the product and to ensure peace of mind for the customers.

We are the leading lami tube caps exporters and suppliers in the world. We are specialized in providing different types of lami tube caps like stand up caps, screw on caps, special caps, oil lubrication caps, pharma caps, etc.

With our unique innovations, we are capable to deliver products with utmost ease. We are providing complete one-stop solutions to our clients from conceptualization and product design to final delivery of products.

Lami tube caps

Why Laminated Tube Caps from Us?

We are one of the leading and most trusted lami tube caps suppliers that are praised well for resistance and high strength. Our lami tube caps are available in different capacities and sizes.

These caps are made with top quality raw material and they are sourced from leading vendors. These caps can also be designed in different sizes and colors.

Stand Up Tube Caps

We are also offering stand up caps to make tubes stand by themselves. This is the specialty of these caps to keep tubes standing still upside down without leaking the product. These caps are fitted well to ensure leakage protection in any environment.

These caps are used widely for the packaging of cosmetic products, adhesives, chemical formulations, herbal products, gel, Ayurveda formulations and other food applications, such as food industry and toothpastes.

It is tested well on various quality processes by our experienced professionals to ensure the quality of these products in all levels before final delivery. We are serving our clients all over the world who order the lami tube caps from us at very competitive prices.

We are manufacturing plastic caps for our clients in different diameters. Basically, we use PP, LD and HDPE to manufacture these caps. According to the usage, aesthetic value, and client’s specifications, different colors and shapes are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.