Laminated Tubes Manufacturers & Exporters

Laminated tubes are known to provide a unique presence to the products in the market and they are used widely for packaging in food, personal care, industrial applications, pharma, and other applications all over the world.

Over 70% of Lami Tubes produced are used in oral care industry. In addition, laminated tubes manufacturers and suppliers are also supplying these products to the cosmetics sector.

Laminated Tubes are known for great barrier properties and they are cost-effective way to help improve the shelf life of a product. They are known for soft, smooth, and flexible exteriors to deliver great salability and high filling speed in the process of packaging.

Benefits of Laminated Tubes

Some of the best features of laminated tubes are superior moisture and flavor retention due to shoulder barriers, nozzle seals with hot foil stamping, and pin-hole orifices used in products with low viscosity.

Lami Tubes manufacturers and exporters also produce tamper-proof closures to ensure protection of all the products. Laminated Tubes Exporters can also customize tube dispensing applicators or nozzles on request.

Laminate has both the look and feel of a plastic and properties of aluminum tube. Hence, companies can get the best of both worlds. The latest laminate tubes come with the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

Laminated Tubes Manufacturers & Exporters

Today, laminated tubes suppliers and exporters in the USA, UK, and UAE also offer a tube made with most appealing minimal seam in the industry to ensure proper space for brand decoration and graphics.

The laminate material also avoids the transfer of air, light, and moisture. Lami tubes suppliers and exporters also provide the widest array of graphics on tube with different styles and sizes. They can also make tube as small as 12.7mm (0.5 inch) in diameter.

Laminated tube Properties

  • Look and feel of plastic tube
  • Integrity of aluminum
  • Different types of graphics in different colors
Protection measures
  • Resistant barrier needs great compatibility
  • High gloss lacquer
  • Fragrance and flavor protection with low absorption

Laminated Tubes - The Process

Manufactured by the top Lami Tubes Suppliers and exporters in the world, laminated tubes are made with a flat web stock. Then, it is printed as per your specifications on the rotogravure equipment or top quality letterpress.

Then, the printed output takes a tubular shape, cut as per the desired length to turn a sleeve. Then, it is attached to the molded shoulder. Lami Tubes manufacturers and suppliers can add tamper-proof sealed membrane to protect the product.

Finally, the tube is checked, capped, and packed. It is a complete integrated system and the whole package is assembled well in line.

Materials Used

All Plastic Laminates (APL)
  • Look and Feel of Mono Layer Plastic
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Keeps form and shape intact
  • Transparent, opaque
  • Tube becomes more attractive with EVOH Layer and maintains barrier protection
Foil Laminates
  • Air, light, and moisture protection
  • Lower aroma absorption
  • White, silver, custom color
  • Aluminum properties with appeal of plastic

Laminated tubes are known for reliable performance and quality. They can be used with different types of caps, such as stand-up, Flower Pot, Flip-top, and customized.