Ointment Aluminium Laminated Tubes

Ointments are used all over the world to cure symptoms of different types of skin, ears, and eye ailments. These ointments have all the sensitive formulations which should be protected against contamination through smart packaging.

This way, ointment aluminum laminated tubes are the best choice for packaging of such content as they can easily prevent contact against moisture and dirt and several toxic elements in the atmosphere.

Life Pharmachem has years of experience as ointment aluminum lami tubes exporters and manufacturers to serve the pharmaceutical companies. Our ointment aluminum tubes are the first choice of many clients due to their excellent quality.

Ointment Aluminum Laminated Tubes – Key Features

Life Pharmachem has a lavish manufacturing plant where we produce ointment aluminum laminated tubes with world-class Swiss machinery and cutting-edge technology. We adhere to stringent safety standards to produce ointment aluminum lami tubes in very hygienic and non-toxic conditions.

To ensure proper collapsibility, all our laminated tubes are ductile and made with chemically inert and high quality raw materials to ensure that they don’t affect any aroma, formulations, or quality of the ointments stored in them.

Our ointment aluminum laminated tubes are non-absorbent and non-toxic by nature. Our laminated tubes are also tamper-proof and unbreakable by nature and tamper proof to avoid any chance of adulteration and leakage.

Ointment Aluminium Laminated Tubes

These products are available from 10.7mm to 31.75mm diameters and their value can be altered according to clients’ specifications.

Features in brief

  • Hygienic and non-toxic
  • Unbreakable and lightweight
  • Totally collapsible
  • Tamper evident and cannot be adulterated or refilled
  • Protects against dirt, UV rays, and toxic gases
  • Convenient to use
  • EconomicalAttractive printing and elegant silver surface


  • Crimp sealants
  • Cap resins
  • Custom design and cap choices
  • Internal liners and coatings
  • Tamper proof options and features

When selecting the dimension and type of tube, consider the following criteria –

  • Diameter of tube
  • Length
  • Capacity – how much product can be packed
  • Product to be packed
  • Whether opening is punctured or blind

Why Ointment Aluminum Laminated Tubes?

  • Aluminum metal tube is allowed to distribute the controlled volume easily, with passable environmental protection and good re-closure
  • The risk of contamination is also minimal in the portion left in the tube, as the tubes don’t suck back
  • It is sturdy and lightweight
  • Tip and neck dispensing
  • Coatings ensure protection of freshness
  • Aluminum protects your product
  • Unlimited graphics options to improve sales

These ointment tubes are made of 99.7% aluminum. We use type III packaging material to pack your semi-solid lotions, creams, ointments, gels etc. Our laminated tubes are approved by USFDA. Our laminated tubes also undergo proper testing by complying with 21 CFR 175.300 and USP 661.

These tubes are designed from ultra-pure aluminum material. We are offering these tubes with custom diameters and designs. These aluminum tubes have non-reactive lacquer or internal coat. So, you can easily fill all products or compounds with confidence.