Ophthalmic laminated Tubes

Ophthalmic tubes have been the most important requirement for the pharmaceutical companies nowadays. It is basically due to the comfort and convenience offered to the users. Medications added to the ophthalmic laminated tubes remain safe for a long time and users can confidently place it into their eyes.

For ophthalmic purpose, these laminated tubes are made by several manufacturers. But Life Pharmachem is the leading name as ophthalmic lami tubes manufacturers due to high quality products that are produced in hygienic and safe environment.

We manufacture these laminated tubes in different shapes and sizes and providing them to our valued clients in different parts of the world.

Ophthalmic Laminated Tubes – Key Features

We understand that ophthalmic tubes consist of liquid medications that are dropped directly into the eyes. So, we are very careful when producing ophthalmic laminated tubes in a very hygienic and safe condition during the process.

We are proud to have cutting-edge and modern manufacturing unit which ensures all the safety procedures. We always ensure the highest quality with inspections conducted by well-trained inspectors during different manufacturing stages of these tubes.

There are different reasons pharmaceutical companies choose us for ophthalmic laminated tubes. We always adhere to strict safety guidelines and we take care of the norms of healthcare unit.

Ophthalmic laminated Tubes

This is the reason most pharmaceutical companies rely on our expertise with confidence. We produce laminated tubes safe for this purpose.

  • Contents are safe until they reach their expiry date
  • We use highest quality raw materials in these tubes
  • Made in ultra hygienic and safe environment

Why us for Ophthalmic Laminated Tubes?

We are offering high quality ophthalmic laminated tubes to our pharmaceutical clients. Our ophthalmic tubes are appreciated widely by the international clients in different parts of the world. We are offering huge range ophthalmic tubes at very attractive prices.

We are operating with the sole objective to develop a healthy relationship with our valued clients. So, we are going to offer a huge range of top quality ophthalmic laminated tubes to the ophthalmic customers.

Pharmaceutical industries have huge demand for these types of tubes. We manufacture these types of tubes under strict guidance of professionals and experts. We are offering ophthalmic tubes in various options and customizations like colors, sizes and quality.

Ophthalmic Laminated Tubes in Various Choices

We are offering a flexible range of laminated tubes which are available in different diameters. We have both plastic barrier and aluminum barrier laminated tubes for added versatility. We are offering tubes in varied sizes, diameters and styles. We also enable our clients to choose safety seal which is placed over the shoulder of these tubes.

We are also offering the options of puncture seal and pull tab seal, as well as on most style offerings. We can also offer puncture fez, standard fez, standup flip-top caps, and stand up pedestals.

We are offering different types of closures as we are partnered with the leading closure suppliers worldwide. We are also partnered with leading print houses that are excelled in both digital and conventional printing to achieve world-class graphical representation.