Pharma Aluminium Laminated Tubes

Our pharma aluminum laminated tubes are the first preference of pharma companies for the packaging of their semi-solid medications for topical application. Aluminum is a sturdy and lightweight material which can ensure safety of all the sensitive medications for a long period of time.

Life pharmachem is the leading manufacturers of pharma aluminum lami tubes. We are the prominent exporters and suppliers of high quality laminated tubes for pharma companies over the past years.

These products are loved by our pharmaceutical clients as they understand that our products will keep their medications fresh and safe for years. These tubes are lightweight and very comfortable to use for the end users.

Pharma Aluminum Lami Tubes – Key features

All our pharma aluminum lami tubes are tamper proof. Hence, these tubes cannot be adulterated and contents cannot be refilled once packed inside. These tubes are made of light aluminum foil which protects contents inside against the dirt, UV rays, and harmful gases in the atmosphere.

All our pharma aluminum laminated tubes are made with inert raw materials that avoid reaction with medications in them. Hence, we ensure no change in taste, color, aroma and formulations. These tubes are designed to be totally collapsible.

Pharma Aluminium Laminated Tubes

Features in Brief

  • Made with industry-grade raw materials
  • Manufactured in hygienic and safe environment
  • Easy to transport and store due to lightweight material
  • Medications are kept safe for longer use
  • Comes in different lengths and diameters
  • Available at very reasonable price ranges

Why to Choose Our Pharma Aluminum Laminated Tubes?

Pharma Aluminum Lami tubes are known to be the best option for packaging of all your semi-solid medications. We are offering these industry grade products for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packaging. These are premium quality products to ensure safety of products and to retain the actual formulations until it is used completely.

Basically, these tubes are made of laminate which consist of various layers of materials along with aluminum layer of thickness. The tubes of varied laminate structures can easily be available according to clients’ needs.

The best part of these tubes is that they got the look and feel of plastic. They serve as a barrier against air and moisture which cannot pass through its surface. So, it is safe choice for the semi-solid medications which are stored inside.

We have years of expertise and experience in manufacturing laminated tubes. We are known for producing best quality aluminum tubes that come in different sizes. Our laminated tubes are made according to the exact clients’ specifications and customized products can be available.

Our clients can easily choose design, dimension, along with cap style according to their unique needs. We receive order in bulk and for R&D Batches. Along with its properties, aluminum tubes are also preferred for several other reasons.

The property of ductility is another reason as it can easily be shaped and molded according to specifications. We use cutting-edge technique to produce these tubes. These tubes are accurate according to the specifications.