Pharma Ointment Laminated Tubes

Currently, pharmaceutical companies are going to use various types of pharma ointment laminated tubes for the packaging of medications. We are providing non-toxic tubes which can keep the semi-solid medications safe throughout their lifespan.

These tubes are very easy to use and store and they are also very convenient for the end users. Hundreds and thousands of companies in the world are producing pharma ointment lami tubes but Life Pharmachem has always been the top choice of Pharma companies.

We are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pharma ointment laminated tubes to our pharmaceutical clients across USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria.

Pharma Ointment Laminated Tubes – Important Features

Life Pharmachem is manufacturing the world-class laminated tubes in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility where we use state-of-the-art technology and modern machinery. We understand the importance of hygienic and safe conditions to produce pharma ointment laminated tubes.

These tubes are used to provide quick relief from various ailments for the patients. Our Pharma ointment lami Tubes are made with non-toxic materials which never react with internal compounds. They are also non-allergenic to the patients.

Due to these reasons, our pharma ointment laminated tubes are rated highly.

  • Made of non-allergic and nontoxic materials
  • Made with quality raw materials
  • Very convenient and simple to use
  • Keeps contents safe and avoids contamination
  • Leak proof and durable material
  • Meet global standards in hygiene and safety
  • Made as per strict quality control
  • Comes in different diameters and shapes
Pharma Ointment Laminated Tubes

Laminated Tubes – Sizes & Areas of Use

We are manufacturing aluminum laminated tubes ranging from 12.7mm to 50mm in diameter. The length can be changed as per the specifications given by the clients, ranging from 57mm to 200mm.

Our clients can use these tubes for the packaging of widest range of products like ointments, pharmaceuticals, gels, creams, rubber cement, rubber-based adhesives, silicone sealants, epoxy, shaving cream, toothpaste etc.

We are also offering different types of nozzles like closed (sealed neck), open, lube tip (grease tip), and long (nasal neck) etc. with the capacity of over 10 million tubes to be produced every month.

Optional Needs

  • We have four color options available in base coat
  • Caps available in different sizes, shapes, and color
  • Internally latex lined at rear end of tubes

Since inception, we have been offering pharma ointment laminated tubes with aluminum and plastic barrier properties. Quality has been the hallmark of Life Pharmachem from the very beginning.

We work as per the compliance with guidelines provided by the experts for existing good manufacturing practice and we also maintain drug master File. Currently, our proactive and reliable pharma ointment lami tubes are the first choice of leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our laminated tubes can also be used for packaging of gels, creams, personal lubricants, and other semi-solid medications. All of our products are designed to meet exact specifications of the clients, such as critical tolerances for neck, wall, coatings, annealing, and seals.

We can exceed and meet all the expectations of customers with stringent quality control measures and constant monitoring.