Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes

Made with different layers of laminates, our Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes have become the most popular choice in pharmaceutical industry these days. These laminated tubes are chemically still and they become the first choice of pharmaceutical companies for the packaging of their medications in the form of creams and gels.

Life Pharmachem is the leading pharmaceutical lami tubes manufacturers supplying these tubes to clients across USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria. Our pharmaceutical laminated tubes are loved by the clients worldwide due to their efficiency and high quality.

Why Our Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes are Popular?

We understand how important hygiene and safety for your product are. So, we consider it when producing pharmaceutical laminated tubes that are going to be used in pharmaceutical companies.

We are manufacturing high quality lami tubes in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility with the finest raw materials. We pay huge emphasis to maintain high quality of lami tubes. Hence, these tubes undergo all the stages of safety checks so they can be ideal for pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical companies always rely on the quality of laminated tubes to ensure the efficiency of their medications for years to come. The raw materials used by the pharmaceutical lami tubes manufacturers don’t react with the medicines kept in the tube.

Hence contents can easily retain their efficacy for a long period of time. These tubes are also made with a barrier layer (aluminum or plastic) to avoid the risk of contamination in these medications from air, water, and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes

Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes - Key Features

  • Non allergic and non toxic
  • Chemically inert
  • Barrier between the laminated to avoid contamination
  • Easy to squeeze and soft tube
  • Ensures safety of contents for years

Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes – Best Choice for Packaging

These days, pharmaceutical laminated tubes are known to be the best choice for packaging medications in semi-solid form. These laminated tubes are also best used to serve food and cosmetic industry. These are the high quality laminated tubes that can retain the actual characteristics of the product until it is used completely.

Basically, these tubes are made of laminate which consists of various layers of materials along with aluminum to ensure proper thickness of the material. According to actual specifications of clients, we can manufacture tubes of various laminate structures.

The best part of laminated tubes is that they have got the look and feel of plastic. They also serve as a protective barrier against air and moisture. They are safe for any product stored in the tube.

Life Pharmachem is the leading pharmaceutical lami tubes manufacturers for years. We are offering quality laminated tubes for many companies. Our pharmaceutical laminated tubes are made according to the specifications given by the clients. Clients can easily choose the design, dimension, and cap style according to their unique marketing needs.

The tube is well known for great barrier properties which make it more efficient. They are also known for their appeal and elegant look and these tubes have also been approved by quality certified agency.