Pharmaceutical Packaging Laminated Tubes

Our pharmaceutical packaging laminated tubes have become the most important preference for the pharmaceutical companies on international scale. Chemically, these tubes are static.

This way, it can easily retain the characteristics of medications until its contents have been used completely. Life Pharmachem is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical packaging lami tubes, not only in USA, but also in UK, UAE, and Nigeria. We manufacture pharmaceutical packaging products with our expertise and experience.

Use of Pharmaceutical Packaging Lami Tubes

Life Pharmachem is proud to produce industry grade pharmaceutical packaging laminated tubes of high quality according to the clients’ specifications. These laminated tubes are made with various layers of laminates with plastic or aluminum layers that are placed in between.

This layer protects the contents against oxygen, water and sun. All the pharmaceutical companies need laminated tubes with this barrier layer to ensure safety of the contents and to avoid contamination.

We have in-house manufacturing unit which is latest, state of the art, and cutting-edge. All our tubes undergo various quality checks during stages of production to ensure that they are best suited to be used in pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Laminated Tubes

Pharmaceutical Packaging Lami Tubes – Key Features

  • Non toxic
  • Durable tubes
  • Convenient to use and soft
  • Aluminum or plastic barrier
  • Top quality raw materials
  • Non-allergenic
  • Available in round tube or stand-up tube
  • Easy to replace cap
  • Protects its contents until completely used

Laminated Tubes – A Cost Effective Solution

Laminated tubes are used all over the world for the packaging of cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and industrial applications to gain the competitive age in the world.

Pharmaceutical industry orders up to 70% of pharmaceutical packaging laminated tubes, while second largest users are cosmetic and oral care industry.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Laminated Tubes Provide Barrier

Pharmaceutical Packaging Laminated Tubes are the cost-effective solution to provide great barrier properties to increase the shelf-life of the products. These products have got great salability with smooth, flexible and soft exteriors. Laminated tubes combine the distinct benefit of aluminum properties with the look and feel of plastic.

Laminated tubes are very appealing and these are known to maintain appeal all throughout the lifespan of content. These tubes are durable, leak-proof, unbreakable and lightweight. These tubes are known to have suck-back tendency and they can easily avoid unwanted withdrawn volume. They can easily get back to their original shape when squeezed by the user.

Our laminated tubes are also used for packaging of ointments and creams and various semi-solid medications. They provide the great barrier properties against UV rays, moisture, air and they are good to improve the shelf life of products.

Laminated tubes can be customized according to your needs in any diameter you require. We are also offering different neck options to choose from and caps to meet your diverse needs. In order to meet the needs of customers for effective packaging, aluminum tubes come in different sizes, closures, and vibrant colors.