Plain Laminated Tubes Manufacturers & Exporters

For Plain Laminated Tubes manufacturers and suppliers, the main problem while manufacturing tubes to be used in pharmaceutical companies is to produce plain laminated tubes that can keep the quality of products intact until they are completely used up.

There are several plain laminated tube exporters offering such types of tubes in the US. To package the medications pharmaceutical companies choose the plain lami tubes made by Life Pharma because we are always serious about the hygiene and safety features of laminated tubes during the production process and we ensure that they are best suited to be used in your pharmaceutical company.

Why Life Pharma?

Pharmaceutical industries add varieties of formulations in plain laminated tubes manufactured by Life Pharma. The plain laminated tube exporters offer the tubes that don’t interfere with nature of its contents. Medications don’t work properly and they also harm the patients if their chemical properties are altered even a bit due to tube material’s reaction. These products shouldn’t react with elements.

So, laminated tubes made by the plain laminated tubes manufacturers deliver 100% protection against the elements by forming a layer of barrier between various layers of laminates.

Due to this barrier, the outside air or moisture cannot interact with contents to ensure safety of contents for a long period.

Plain Laminated Tubes – Key Features

  • Avoids contamination and keeps contents safe
  • Contents can retain their actual characteristics
  • Made of safe and non-hazardous raw materials only
  • Cap is easy to replace and remove
  • Easy to handle and use until patient uses the formulation completely
  • Barrier layer protection
  • Available in different lengths and sizes
Plain Laminated Tubes Manufacturers & Exporters

Plain Laminated Tubes – The Benefits

The biggest plus point of plain laminated tubes is that they come in attractive, cheap, convenient, economical, effective, and versatile packaging. Plain Laminated tubes manufacturers produce plain pharma laminated tubes of tough quality for the clients.

These products can be screen printed easily in around 8 colors to improve its looks and to show the contents to the users in the tube.

These products are also made in attractive designs and shapes, such as oval shape or round table design. Hence, the tube can easily stand in vertical position itself. These tubes can easily be squeezed so you can easily get the product. The caps are also easy to replace and open.

All in all, laminated tubes have quickly taken the world by storm since they arrived. They have totally replaced the need of traditional aluminum tubes for product packaging in various industries. They are known for convenience, easy-to-squeeze tubes, and their aesthetic value.

Life Pharma is a reputed and leading name as Plain laminated tubes exporters and manufacturers across the USA, UAE, UK and Nigeria. We produce world-class plain laminated tubes that can be used in various other industries like healthcare, cosmetics, pesticides, chemical, oral care, and food industry.

We are offering plain laminated tubes in various sizes and shapes as per the actual specifications of our clients. We have been establishing long-term and healthy relationships with top pharmaceutical companies across the world by providing plain laminated tubes and other packaging products.