Plastic Barrier Laminated Tubes

The plastic barrier laminated tubes or PBL tubes are made with plastic as a whole, with barrier layer of plastic granules or Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH). EVOH is used mostly in application where you have to add extra appeal to your packaging, especially cosmetic product packages.

Made of plastic layers, laminated tubes can be totally transparent and can definitely make the packaging of final product visible inside the tube for the customers. These tubes also undergo testing through metal detectors. We are the leading plastic barrier laminated tubes suppliers and manufacturers providing the quality laminated tubes to the retailers.

Why Plastic Barrier Laminated Tubes?

At Life Pharma, our Plastic barrier Laminated Tubes are the best choice for packaging to ensure long shelf life and proper protection. Basically, they have various layers of plastic in which EVOH barrier is added to protect contents.

EVOH ensure safety barrier for several products in food, cosmetics, engineering, and chemical industries. The best thing of PBL tubes is their aroma barrier which improves the shelf-life of products.

Plastic Barrier Laminated Tubes – Key Features

  • Great aroma barrier
  • Excellent barrier to oxygen and water vapor
  • No shape memory effect on the tube
  • No cracking even in bending and repeating deformation
  • Great flexibility of material
  • Tubes made of polymer films are reliable like tubes made of aluminum-based laminates
Plastic Barrier Laminated Tubes

Plastic Barrier Laminated Tubes – Areas of Operation

Plastic barrier laminated tubes are used in various industries and provide stable platform for packaging. PBL tubes are, basically, a cosmetic tube which is used widely in packaging pharmaceutical, personal care, toothpaste and other allied products.

We are the leading plastic barrier laminated tubes suppliers offering versatile PBL tubes ideal for chemical and food industry. Our PBL Tubes are made with cutting-edge surface treatments and come with 8 different color options. We provide excellent artwork solutions and great clarity in plastic tubes.

The plastic structure of these tubes retains structure with Memory of plastic even with handling, unlike ABL tube. It consists of EVOH protection barrier which protects the product against air and oxygen and also keeps oils from leaking through the layers.

With TESS (Tamper Evident Safety Seal), our PBL tube is the undisputed leader in packaging industry.

Areas of Application

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Chemical & Technical products
  • Food industry
  • Plastic Barrier Laminated Tubes – Technical Specifications

    • PBL film covered by EVOH gas barrier from outside in
    • Available in 8 attractive colors
    • Matte and glossy finish
    • Cold and hot stamping in silver and gold
    • Polyethylene two layer, AL foil, co-polymer
    • Top sealing membrane
    • Available in transparent or white forms
    • Wrapped in Top Cap Carton in PE bag
    • We are the plastic barrier laminated tubes suppliers to offer top quality laminated tubes which are made with ideal raw materials procured from leading and reliable companies.

      These PBL tubes are multilayered tubes to ensure great flexibility and quality. We are offering complete solutions to all your packaging needs.