Plastic Packaging Laminated Tubes

We are the renowned plastic packaging laminated tubes exporters having a vast in-house manufacturing facility to provide widest range of plastic packaging laminated tubes to our clients.

We manufacture these plastic laminated tubes with top quality plastic by adhering to the guidelines set by the industries. We are offering huge range of products that are used extensively in packaging medicines, toothpastes, paint colors, and skincare products.

These products are further fabricated according to strict guidelines of professionals. In addition, all the products are tested stringently on several parameters by the experts and quality controllers.

Plastic Packaging Laminated Tubes - Specifications

  • With EVOH, Aluminum Foil, Polyester, and nylon, the multi-layer tubes serve as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, aroma loss and add a glossy texture to improve print quality.
  • To serve the same purpose, optional barriers can also be added on the shoulder.
  • PET tubes and dispenser caps along with transparent stretch polypropylene are also designed to serve the cosmetic and food industry by meeting its diverse needs.
  • Plastic with nylon or EVOH as barrier material or protective five layers are used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
  • Laminate or hot foil stamping along with 9-color printing with vanish coat can improve the image of the product.
  • Tube length can be ranging from 80mm to 200mm.
Plastic Packaging Laminated Tubes
  • Shoulders also come in different shapes.
  • Various caps like flip-top, conical, standing etc. can be customized to add aesthetic appeal.
  • Benefits of Plastic Packaging Laminated Tubes

    • Excellent Performance in Retaining Freshness and Fragrance
    • Plastic laminated tubes can provide 100% protection against outside elements. It prevents flow of oxygen with sturdy material and reasonable structure. It is improved greatly and it is thicker with cold resistance, heat resistance, and compressive strength.
    • Prevents Air Flow
    • The product has got strong recovery performance. Due to the outer thicker plastic of the product, the elasticity is brilliant. It can be restored after squeezing it. This type of plastic is wrinkleless, non-deformable, and keeps round appearance.
    Designable and Testurable Tube Body

    Since Plastic Packaging Laminated Tubes are made with aluminum material in inner layer, the outer plastic can bear all types of master batches, such as colored, transparent, bead light, solid color, and translucent color to adjust its coloring.

    This way, the product can easily retain the natural metallic appearance and it creates a colorful and rich gold metal, bright red metal, blue metal, purple metal, green metal, and other colors. Even if metal color is not used and some other colors are used, the bright silver color can be matched with outer colors to get more lively and fresh looks.

    Plastic Laminated Tubes can have photo-like, realistic graphics along with subtle color gradations which are not available on aluminum or plastic tubes. Laminate tubes have graphics printed when they are flat, before forming the tube.

    It has full flexographic range on this printing. Several personal care brands are packed in laminated tubes these days as they are ideal for beauty product by providing preservation and barrier properties.