Plastic Squeeze Tubes

At Life Pharma, we have cutting-edge machinery to fulfill the exact needs of our clients by providing plastic squeeze tubes. We are the largest plastic squeeze tubes manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, UK and UAE to achieve several complex quality standards.

Flexibility is known to be the very important factor and production resource. It has been fine-tuned by us for mass production and is adaptable to all your needs. We pride ourselves on our customer support and flexibility as plastic squeeze tubes suppliers.

We are constantly developing our portfolio of plastic tube manufacturing. We are developing new models and new designs to improve customer experiences.

We also have customer service managers to schedule the production project of a project and to meet deadlines. We also offer plastic squeeze tubes in different colors, transparent or white, and whole range of special effects.

We are offering an exclusive range of decoration on plastic squeeze tubes, such as silkscreen and flexographic printing, hot foil blocking, and labeling to ensure differentiation of the project with endless range of effects. Snap-on dispensing closures and standard screw caps are also available to match up with all sizes of tubes.

Why to Choose Our Plastic Squeeze Tubes?

We are one of the premier plastic squeeze tubes manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, UK and UAE serving large numbers of international brands. With latest design technology and quality materials, our clients can easily present their products in a very competitive way on international scale.

Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Our Specialties

  • Customized services to cater to your specific needs
  • Highly advanced design features to match up to your creative visualization
  • Quality materials to ensure safety of your products across the marketing and distribution cycle
  • Imported quality resins to meet international and FDA standards
  • Low cost services to reduce the overall manufacturing costs drastically
  • Save your time with shortest turnaround time

We are here to fulfill the needs of various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and foods and to help enhance the marketability and appeal of almost all types of products.

We are providing around 5 layers of coextruded tube which requires great protection for items which need special barrier.

We are manufacturing these types of plastic squeeze tubes for our clients

  • Coextruded bicolor tubes
  • Monolayer tubes
  • Coextruded tubes
  • Soft touch/bicolor tubes

If you have any specific needs regarding plastic squeeze tubes printing and manufacturing, feel free to contact us. We can fulfill all your unique and complex needs with exceptional results.

Squeeze tubes are known to be the ideal package to market various products effectively. We are the cutting edge plastic squeeze tube suppliers and manufacturers who are capable to achieve anything.

Over the past decades, we have gained a lot of experience as a leader in plastic tube manufacturing with unwavering commitment on providing the best results and consistent innovation. We have earned trust, respect and business from the leading global manufacturers.

Whether you are advancing your manufacturing and design capacities or looking to manufacture a new product, Life Pharma is your first choice of top quality plastic squeeze tubes.