Plastic Toothpaste Laminated Tubes

These days, we just can’t start our day without toothpastes. Due to this reason, their sale has increased dramatically over the past decade with the advent of technology and plastic toothpaste laminated tubes are enjoying the dominance due to increased demand from toothpaste manufacturers.

These laminated tubes are very convenient and easy to use. We also add aesthetic appeal to these laminated tubes, which is just irresistible to attract the end user. This is why all the toothpaste brands over the world are looking for plastic toothpaste Lami tube exporters.

We are the leading laminated tube exporter and manufacturer in the USA along with UK, UAE and Nigeria. We have active presence in many countries.

Why Our Plastic Toothpaste Tubes Stand Out?

At Life Pharma, we make use of our cutting-edge technology and world-class machineries to manufacture plastic toothpaste laminated tubes that are used by the leading toothpaste manufacturers.

These products are praised by our clients because they are easy to use and store and they are of top quality. Oral care industry is the largest consumer of these plastic laminated tubes as they are safe to storing toothpaste for years.

We are proud plastic toothpaste lami tubes exporters as they are very durable and convenient to use. These tubes are built to last. In these plastic tubes, the toothpaste remains still to be used for years. We use top quality raw material to manufacture these tubes. Hence, we always remain the first choice for most toothpaste brands for their packaging needs.

Plastic Toothpaste Laminated Tubes

Plastic Toothpaste Laminated Tubes – Key Features

  • Very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and soft
  • Anti abrasive
  • Precision dimension
  • Easy to remove cap
  • Efficient squeeze tube
  • Comes in different sizes and shapes
  • The Evolution of Plastic Toothpaste Tubes

    In recent years, we started producing both ABL (aluminum barrier laminate) tubes and PBL (Plastic barrier Laminate) tubes. Aluminum barrier laminate tube has a barrier of aluminum foil around the toothpaste.

    We have used both types of laminated tubes to secure our toothpastes. When we switched to plastic laminated tubes from aluminum tubes, manufacturers started enjoying a lot of benefits in terms of increasing sales.

    In addition, we also eliminated the issues, such as tube leaking and cracking, after switching to plastic tubes from aluminum ones. It improves both the efficiency and user experience in our production line.

    These benefits enabled us to make small change in our production process. We are looking ahead to add other packaging options to improve sustainability and usability in toothpaste tube.

    Today, more and more people are concerned about teeth whitening. So, the demand of toothpastes is increasing these days. We are always looking forward to bring revolutionary change in our manufacturing processes.

    We make use of all the latest equipments and machinery to develop quality laminated tubes to cater to the diverse needs of toothpaste manufacturers. We also provide quality printing on all of our products to attract customers with labeling. Our laminated tubes are available in different colors, shapes and sizes.