Printed Laminated Tubes Manufacturers & Exporters

Printed laminated tubes have become the first choice in all industries. Along with being functional and appealing, the printed laminated tubes are also very convenient and easy to use.

Life Pharma is one of the leading printed laminated tubes manufacturers that also provide long-lasting and attractive screen printing in different colors on the laminated tubes.

With the help of this top quality printing, the printed laminated tubes exporters have expanded their reach in the market.

What Makes Life Pharma’s Printed Laminated Tubes Stand Out?

When it comes to the popularity of laminated tubes, printing plays a very crucial role. We are also offering high resolution printing. Printed laminated tubes also come in appealing colors and it also improves the emotional touch of the product.

Though production process is not all about printing, Life Pharma has its own printing department that uses cutting-edge Japanese machines for screen printing.

Printed Laminated Tubes Manufacturers use only high quality inks which don’t leave carbon footprint in the environment and which are solvent free.

Printed Laminated Tubes Manufacturers & Exporters

We make use of flexo-printing technique which consists of images and text to be printed over the tubes as per the clients’ needs. Varnish coat is also implemented on printing to ensure that printing is not removed in tube’s life span.

Printed Laminated Tubes – Key Features

  • Produced in cutting-edge, state-of-the-art manufacturing unit
  • Top quality packaging materials are used from leading exporters and manufactures at very attractive price
  • Designed specifically to meet diverse needs
  • Top quality raw materials used to ensure great quality of products
  • Strict quality control for 100% satisfaction of customers
  • Manufactured by professional and well-trained support and production team
  • Accepted by customers from hundreds of countries worldwide
  • Efficient after-sales service and great customer care
  • Accurate and quick delivery with great logistics support to all the locations

Printed Laminated Tubes – Manufacturing Process

Printed Laminated tubes are made of 5 different layers which consist of a barrier layer. These tubes are made with laminate substrate that is made in our manufacturing facility.

According to customer’s preference, we also make use of another laminate. We always control lead quality and times and recommend our customers to use our laminate.

First of all, laminate is printed on plain surface. In this process, we ensure great clarity, print decoration, and definition. Then, these tubes are formed by putting rolls of printed material over the mandrills of machine.

Then, the material is fed through forming rolls and taken in flat position, which turn the tube gently and form it in the variable sized cylinder according to the needs of the customer.

The high frequency seams generate heat along the sides of material to form a solid tube. After forming the cylindrical tube, it is sent to the cutting section which splits it into two different lengths.

After forming the tube into the desired size, shape and length, tube is sent to heading section. Printed laminated tubes exporters use world-class compression molding approach to put shoulder to the sleeve to provide superior bond.