Shaving Cream Laminated Tubes

Life Pharmachem is a global leader for manufacturing shaving cream laminated tubes that are of high quality and protect shaving cream against contaminants outside for a long time period.

These days, shaving creams contain several active ingredients to provide deep protection against cuts and ensure safety of skin to the users. Some shaving creams also come with antiseptic properties.

Hence, it is important for manufacturers to use high quality shaving cream lami tubes that can keep the contents safe. We have years of experience in manufacturing top quality shaving creams. We have been supplying and exporting laminated tubes to shaving cream manufacturers all over the world.

The Production Process of Shaving Cream Lami Tubes

We manufacture shaving cream laminated tubes at our in-house manufacturing unit which is well equipped with most advanced machinery. We adhere to highest possible hygiene and safety in our manufacturing unit. We also use non-allergic and non-toxic raw materials that don’t react to the ingredients of its contents.

This way, there is no issue of irritation or any allergic reaction to the users. Users can easily apply shaving cream to their facial skin without any harmful effect. We manufacture shaving cream lami tubes with barrier layer of either EVOH or aluminum, according to the specifications of clients.

This layer ensures protection and avoids contamination of shaving cream due to oxygen, moisture and UV Rays.

Shaving Cream Laminated Tubes

Shaving Cream Laminated Tube – Key Features

  • Avoids leakage all the time
  • Don’t react with the formulations of the product
  • Contents remain safe until they are used completely
  • Easy to squeeze so customers can use as much product as they need
  • Tubes approved by USFDA
  • Modified according to specifications of the clients
  • Tubes undergo strict quality checks under supervision of well-trained staff
  • Quality control includes post-production, in-process control, certification and pre-dispatch inspection
  • Control system to ensure quality of materials. Aluminum is tested by the labs approved by government
  • R&D to develop wax/lacquer/coatings for specific stability of the products

Backed by our experienced and specialized experts, Life Pharmachem is manufacturing and exporting industry grade shaving cream laminated tubes. These laminated tubes are made with high quality plastic and other materials. These tubes are the best choice for cosmetic industry to store shaving creams.

The tubes offered by us are available in various diameters and designs according to the client’s specifications. In addition, our shaving cream lami tubes are appreciated well for seamless finish, light weight, and fine design.

Our protective and reliable laminated tubes are best used by the leading pharmaceutical makers of gels, cosmetics, creams, personal lubricants, ointments, and various semi-solid products. Due to the benefits offered by the laminated tubes, they are used widely for ointments and creams.

In order to provide added barrier properties, our laminated tubes are latexed, waxed and lacquered. Our tubes are available in different sizes and diameters like 1gm (10mm dia) to around 250 gm (40mm dia). Our dedicated molding facility can develop widest range of caps.