Stand up Laminated Tube Caps

More and more cosmetic and herbal products manufacturers looking to increase sales of their products with stand up laminated tube caps. Due to this reason, these tube caps are high in demand. Due to stand up lami tube caps, you can easily keep laminated tubes upside down without worrying about the leakage of its content.

We are the standup lami tube caps manufacturers offering very efficient and high quality stand up tube caps for a long period of time and offering them to the clients in different industries like pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, chemicals, and adhesive.

Stand Up Laminated Tube Caps – Areas of Use

Our laminated tube caps are used for stand up tubes so tubes can stand still without the risk of leaking sideways. It is very easy to replace and open. Our stand up laminated tube caps are widely used for pastes and creams with consistency.

These caps don’t allow leakage of its contents when it is kept upside down. These stand up tube caps are manufactured by Life Pharmachem with high quality materials to ensure that they don’t react with the contents inside. We are offering stand up tube caps as screw caps or flip top caps according to the clients’ specifications.

These stand up lami tube caps are strong and they don’t break or crack easily on accidental fall. Whether as screw cap or in flip top version, these caps are also very easy to use.

Stand up Laminated Tube Caps

Stand Up Laminated Tube Caps – Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Tamper proof
  • Leakage protection
  • Made of high quality material
  • Available in various sizes and diameters
  • Used to keep tube standing still upside down
  • Available in attractive colors and graphics to add appeal

Why to Choose Our Stand up Lami Tube Caps?

These stand up laminated tube caps are PE fabricated and used for sealing tubes which contain medicines, cosmetics, and petrochemical products. These tube caps have flip top opening design and it is appreciated well for its great air tight sealing and precise dimension.

This cap is known for unique design and it is best used for suitable storage in rack or shelves. We have years of experience in this domain and we are recognized as a leading stand up lami tube caps manufacturers. This sealing cap is known for its convenient handling and fine finishing.

We have whole range of tube caps on offer in different sizes for rectangular, square, and round tubing. The range of materials is starting from soft polyvinyl to high density polyethylene along with specific formulations for high temperature masking applications.

Some of the tube caps also consist of tabs for square ends and easy removal which can avoid rolling of packaging tubes when stacked on the shelf.

These tube caps are used on mailing tubes. It is one of the most popular applications. We stock and manufacture a whole range of plastic tubes and a lot of caps options. We are offering these tubes in different materials and style options.