Toothpaste Laminated Tubes

Nowadays, most of the toothpastes come in specialized toothpaste laminated tubes. Around a decade ago, they were packed in aluminum tubes. These days, laminated tubes are used as they are soft, lightweight and easy to use for the customers.

Due to their advantages over earlier tubes, toothpaste laminated tubes are used widely by all the oral health care brands. We are the renowned toothpaste lami tubes manufacturers offering these tubes to our clients not only in USA, but also in UK, UAE and Nigeria.

Why Choose Our Toothpaste Laminated Tubes?

We have in-house manufacturing unit to produce high quality toothpaste laminated tubes to meet the specifications and guidelines of our clients. We have world-class, exclusive, and standard machinery and well-trained workforce to ensure consistency in manufacturing these laminated tubes.

Our toothpaste laminated tubes are made with at least three to five layers of laminates and they have a barrier layer which is either aluminum or EVOH. The toothpaste lami tubes manufacturers are producing it in different sizes with diameters ranging from 16mm to 35mm.

Inside the tube, the barrier layer keeps the tube safe and avoids contamination through sunlight, moisture, and flow of oxygen. These tubes are made as per the hygienic conditions.

Toothpaste Laminated Tubes

Hence, they can remain safe for toothpaste storage. This is the reason a lot of toothpaste manufacturers choose lami tubes made by us.

Key Features
  • Durable
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Easy to use cap
  • Convenient
  • Keep its product safe until it is used fully
  • Comes in different shapes
  • Puncture resistant

Why Us?

We are the leading toothpaste lami tubes manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters who are highly anticipated by pharmaceutical and oral care brands. Our toothpaste tubes are made of top quality raw material to ensure quality at the end of the user.

We are offering very reliable products which are manufactured under the supervision of highly skilled professionals. These tubes are checked strictly for quality at various production stages. Customers can easily get it customized according to their exact specifications.

Life Pharma is a leading name to reckon with in laminated tube industry. We are the toothpaste lami tubes manufacturers and exporters with presence all over the world. Clients in different industries order our tubes, such as health care, oral care, food, chemicals, and adhesives.

A high percentage of laminated tubes are ordered by toothpaste brands to sell their toothpaste.

Safety Standards

All of our laminated toothpaste tubes confirm to the global safety standards. In order to store toothpaste, laminated tubes should be created in a way that it can keep the content safe for a long period.

Laminated tubes should also be very convenient and comfortable to use for the end users. We have years of experience in producing laminated tubes and we are always here to ensure customer satisfaction.

We never compromise on quality and all the tubes are delivered to meet the specifications, guidelines, and deadlines given by the clients. Hence, our laminated tubes are the best choice for toothpaste storage.